HOPE 2015 International Symposium

Henk ReitsemaHenk Reitsema became involved with the secretariat of EPC-International in 2007 and has subsequently been involved with launching EPC-Europe. As a member of the staff of Dutch L’Abri over the last 20 years and as trustee of the international work of L'Abri, Ethics has been a major focus in his work. His academic pursuits include Philosophy, Theology and Ethics (both medical and the ethics of technology). He has degrees from The University of the Northwest (South Africa),The Free University in Amsterdam and CTS in The USA. He has published a variety of articles both scientific and popular in the disciplines of Philosophy, Ethics, Music History and the impact of worldview on culture.

Henk Reitsema has studied the correlation between the Dutch mortality statistics and the changes in attitudes and policy in the Netherlands with regards to Euthanasia and aggresive palliation over the last 30 years. His findings include a deviation from the European averages for the Netherlands which directly parralels the move towards and ultimate legalization of Euthanasia.

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