HOPE 2015 International Symposium

Theo BoerTheo Boer (54) studied theology and ethics in Utrecht and Uppsala. He wrote his PhD Dissertation on the ethics of the American ethicist James M. Gustafson. From 1987-2001 he was researcher at the Center for Bio-ethics and Health Law at Utrecht University, presently Ethics Institute, where he is still an associate. Since 2001, he is associate professor of ethics at the Protestant Theological University, which moved from Utrecht to Groningen in 2012. From 2005-2014, Boer served in one of the five Regional Review Committees of the Netherlands. Theo Boer published extensively in applied ethics, including euthanasia, human enhancement, the status of the embryo, and just war, and can be frequently found in Dutch and international media. Since september 2014, he holds the Lindeboom Chair of Health Care Ethics at Kampen Theological University.

Prof Boer announced earlier this year in the British Press that he had 'changed his mind' on the Dutch euthanasia experiment. (Read more HERE)

Prof Boer will appear at the symposium via a video specially recorded for the event.

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