HOPE 2015 International Symposium

Dr Nick Cooling is the Director of Electives & Internationalisation & Senior Lecturer in Medical Practice at the School of Medicine, University of Tasmania. He has worked in medical education for over 15 yrs, including as Director of Training of the GP Training Program in Tasmania for 8 yrs.

He currently a part time general practitioner specialising in allergy in Hobart and full time academic at the University of Tasmania.

He is a member of REALdignitytas- a forum which enables eminent Tasmanians to share their professional opinions on maintaining the legal prohibition on euthanasia and assisted suicide in Tasmania.

He will give us an insight into the recent Tasmanian campaign against euthanasia.

#HOPE2015 Partners

  • Euthanasia Free New Zealand
  • Lives Worth Living
  • EPC International
  • Doctors Opposed to Euthanasia